Marketing and distribution company RSK is celebrating 10 years of representing foreign labels and artists on the ground in the UK. Joint MDs Simon Carver and Rashmi Patani talk about breaking away from big beginnings and how their model of bespoke services has become an industry standard.

Label services is a phrase that seems to be growing in popularity these days as music companies and artists big and small look for more flexible ways to work across territories. It’s also a phrase that makes RSK Entertainment’s joint managing directors Simon Carver and Rashmi Patani smile. “Everything you’d tick off the list for label services is what we were doing in 1995,” Carver tells Music Week.

Emerging from Koch UK, RSK is this year celebrating a decade of providing foreign labels with feet on the ground in the UK and independent local expertise for its partners. The word ‘partner’ is important, because, despite having come from the giant that was Koch – the German-owned firm was once the third biggest independent record company in the world – Carver and Patani have established a very personal business.

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