For over twenty years RSK Entertainment has successfully kept one-step ahead of the ever-changing music and entertainment industries to remain an effective force in SALES, MARKETING and DISTRIBUTION. Offering bespoke services to suit the individual needs of a wide range of clients, we can tailor our services from straight physical and digital distribution packages through to one-stop solutions for full project or label management, in the UK, Europe or globally.

We are proud of our independence, and the freedom to adapt and develop in an ever- changing market over the years has been the key to our success.

Our philosophy is a simple one: a broad base of music with a focused and limited number of clients in any one genre area, at once allowing us to offer and maintain the hands-on service our clients deserve and importantly never have our clients competing against each other for attention and retail or consumer space. We cover all genres across all formats to the widest possible market.

There is an RSK enthusiast and specialist for every genre we represent to market. With our roots firmly placed as much in having been a record label as a sales, marketing and distribution company, RSK’s perspective is always in harmony with our clients’ needs, while at the same time bringing the wider disciplines of sales, supply pipeline and database management.

In the UK we use Proper Distribution for pick, pack and full warehouses services. Proper is the largest independent distribution hub in Britain and offers unparalleled throughput to market.

CD, SACD, LP, Cassette, DVD, Blu-Ray, Books, Downloads, Streaming

And whatever comes next…..